Custom Software and Systems for Industrial Automation Applications

Positronics’ primarily focus is on control systems for things that move. This typically means that we are developing software that will control the movement of physical objects. Often the base platform that we are working from is a Windows PC. A Windows PC provides the best connectivity to many different devices and allows us to bring them all together under the control of one master controller or Cell Controller. It is common for us to use a Cell Controller to control a robot’s actions and interact with devices that connect with Ethernet, USB, and RS-232, and other similar interfaces.

We often marry our Windows programming expertise with our experience in Motion Controllers, Robots, Vision Systems, and other devices we have experience with. We also often integrate Motion Control-centric, Robot-centric, and PLC based systems. Simpler systems lend themselves to a simpler control architectures such as these.

Turnkey Systems: Our approach to turnkey solutions is to make it a software problem. In other words, we will purchase a robot, programmable end effector, enclosure, and PC (for an HMI) which are all roughly off the shelf components. We may add in some custom hardware for fixturing and end effector fingers. Now with the hardware available, we are left with a software task.

Positronics is located at 173 Spring Street, Suite 120, Pleasanton, California - on the fringe of the Silicon Valley.

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