Sine Wave Wood Cutting Application
Using a 3 Axis Galil Motion Controller

Positronics developed a sine wave pattern for a customer specified period and amplitude and programmed a 3 axis Galil Motion Controller to cut a perfect sine wave pattern with a band saw blade.  The three axes of movement are the (1) left to right movement of the blade, (2) blade twist, and (3) the board feed.  The motion program causes the feed system to keep a constant cutting speed on the blade.  As you will notice, as the blade cuts directly into the wood, the feed chain moves the board more slowly.  When the blade is traversing across the board the feed speeds up.  When a board leaves the blade the motion controller causes the sine wave pattern to halt and pushes the board forward and out of the tool at an accelerated speed. 

Video courtesy of Parkinson’s Building Materials.

Parkinson’s Building Materials is located in Redway California.