Galil Motion Control

Motion Control

Positronics provides Motion Control programming for your automation requirements.  With over 25 years of combined Motion Control System integration experience we understand the intricacies of creating robust and flexible Motion Control Systems.  We are familiar with working the Semiconductor, Disk Drive, Solar, Biotech, and related fields. We have hands on experience with a number of motion Controllers such as Galil, Aerotech, MEI, Yaskawa, Animatics, Delta Tau, and Elmo.

We have developed applications from wire bonding to simple pick and place applications, from high precision metrology to rotary table part presentation.

Our applications have controlled servo motors, smart motors, stepper motors and pneumatic cylinders. We understand the need for employing servo motors with sinusoidal commutation VS trapezoidal commutation as well as determining where it makes sense to use stepper motors VS servo motors.

If you have a motion control application and require control software for your system, Positronics will have the skill set to help make your project a success.

ACS Motion Control
Aerotech Motion Control
ALIO Motion Control
Delta Tau Motion Control
Elmo Motion Control
Galil Motion Control
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